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Pooja Upadhyay
2 min readApr 11, 2021

In today’s corporate world, couple of booming words of my interest are, Product design and user experience design. Both of them are in existence since long however the later has gained considerable popularity in the last decade or so.

These titles are very much in demand across all the domains. Organizations would like to have these role/s in the teams for product/project/service betterment but unfortunately, often without understanding the design process and core responsibility of them. I have seen designers working with companies where UI is perceived as UX, and the role’s primary responsibility revolves around aesthetics: making things beautiful. The fact is, even designers who are working in the field for many years; these terms can be substitutable for them too. (In fact surprisingly, senior designers are not seen differently either.)

The general belief is, ‘design is how it looks and If UI is not anticipated, no need for designers’. In my opinion, each of these titles are possess wider scope than just visual design. The possibility of interaction between two or more entities creates ample of opportunity for design. It can be human to human, human to machine, machine to machine, machine to data, and data to data, and likewise. Let’s see through the lens of business and user.

Here’s what I tried to list down and cover all the core responsibility for each role. Yes, there are always overlaps, but the breadth of the work changes as per the role.

“Design is not be just about users. It is also about business. As Product Designers, we must drive product solutions that service the goals of both the users and the company. While providing a good user experience is one component of a product designer’s role, it is the main goal of a UX designer, and UI becomes one of the execution channels.” Sarah Klein & Leigh Kunis

As you can see, the design is not only about the execution. It is a journey in which a lot ofresearch, conversation, discovery, and learning take place, which caters desired experience to not only business but users as well. Thus, the scope of design is way bigger than just enhancing aesthetics.



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